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Here are some good sites & info I've found

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for future reference as a one stop list of the best links for the MAGNA

I will try to update these as often as possible

Magna History - (from some other fine websites)'s - "Creation of the Super Magna" - A history of the Super Magna's design & developement's - Chronology of the Magna - A history of the Magna from '82 to today

Other Magna owners websites

The Super Magna Info Center - The Super Magna site

Bob's V45 Magna Page - A Canadian site with lot's of info - The Honda Sabre/Magna Owners Listserv - "The compleat Sab/Mag Links"

The Honda V4 Files - The V4 Files & more - "DoD#0051"

Roland's Super Magna site - A site from a Euro Rider on the wild side

Arvids VF750C Magna Page - A site from Europe in English - well done)

Magna Motor Club of the Netherlands - A site from the Netherlands (Supers are very popular there)

Magna Mike's website - A site that will ROCK you

Honda Super Magna - Where to check up on the "Super Magna Meet" & get other info on connecting with fellow Honda Super Magna owners.

Links to Magna Clubs & Associations

Yahoo Magna Club - News, Calendar, Message Board, Chat, Photos

Magna Riders Association - The "official" Magna Association - Member News, Events, Info Board, Tips & Tricks, Pictures

Honda Rider's Club of America - The Honda Rider's Club of America™ - (HRCA®) offers a host of exciting benefits, events and services. - COOL Site!!

Magna Owners of Texas - Don't mess with Texas but do check this site out! - Lots of info & other links.

Magna Mania WebRing - What else? a web ring for Magna Maniacs!

Links to other sites for Parts, Maintenance, Accessories etc.

The Super Magna Infocenter - Accessories - If you need it for your "Super" you should find it here.
The Super Magna Infocenter - Accessories Cross Reference - Some parts that will also fit the "Super"

Magna Riders Association - Hot Link Page - One of the best I've found

G-man's Magna Mania - Magna Links - A excellent source for parts, accessories & info

HONDA MAGNA Online Store - by Direct Line, Inc. - Exclusively Magna

V4 STUFF - Where you can find a wealth of info & parts for your V4 - A Netherland site dedicated to Honda V-4

The Honda V4 motorcycle pages - History & info about Honda V4s & others

Other Motorcycle Information & News Sites

Cruiser World Webring - Provided by New

Motorcycle - A good source for "articles, reports & magazines"

Motorcycle Online - Online reports & tests of motorcycles & products

Cycle Highway - Motorcycle Directory - A site with many links to cycle info & products

Motorcycle - Products, News, Bike Specs., Games, Chat, Buy & Sell, Galleries

Dan's Motorcycle Sports Page - Current News for Motorcycle Sports & others
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