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The unique style

The awsome power
The ultimate machine
for cruisin the boulevard
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SabMag Magna Riders Assoc.
'88  Magna V45 HONDA motorcycle
Type: Cruiser
"Babe" of the day
Performance: 1/4 mile:   12.15sec.   111 mph
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87hp  @  9400 rpm
'88 Super Magna from Honda brochure
The '87 & '88 Honda Magna's were the most radical cruisers to ever roll out of Honda.  Some claim that famed designer Arlen Ness collaborated with Honda's Iwakura to design the Magna with an emphasis on "Hot Rod" styling & what was created was a bike that rocked the Industry when introduced in '87.   The new styling of the Magna did not capture the popularity Honda had hoped and production was cut substantially for '88.  '88 was the last year for the Magna until a re-designed model in '93.  The '87 & '88 Magna's gained a cult following after being discontinued and has become one of Honda's most collectible motorcycles.  They are now affectionately called  "Super Magna"
To see the "Host's" Super Magna click here

The "Super Magna's" are to date, the most powerful 750cc cruisers ever produced by any manufacturer.

The unique style is unmatched by any other production motorcycle.

This is what makes the "Super Magna"

The Ultimate Cruiser

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